Egg Grading System

It allows grading operations to be carried out by installing a portable grading station on the farm.

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Egg Grading System

It allows grading operations to be carried out by installing a portable grading station on the farm.

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What is PES?

PES is the acronym for Portable Grading System, it is a technological solution that involves software and hardware to perform egg grading operations, it was specially designed for small egg farms. PES is a set of small machines with low energy consumption that helps small farmers to carry out the egg classification process if they want to sell their product outside their farms. The machines can send data on the number of eggs counted to the cloud so that the farmer can check wherever and whenever the information through a smartphone.

PES has two basic components to operate:

Mobile Application: Application for smartphones (iOS, Android). It allows you to consult information from the cloud about the number of eggs counted. Shows current and historical information.

Machines: Mechatronic components that allow the egg grading process to be carried out in its different stages: washing, candling and weighing.

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The complete process for the Egg Grading consists of four stages, this process allows detects eggs with defects (dirty, broken, with internal damages) and improve the quality for the final consumer.


It allows the machine to clean the eggs by washing with water and remove external elements trapped in eggs.


Candling is the quality process that verify the internal and external condition of the egg.


This process allows the machine to detect the weight of the egg  and classified it (4A, AAA, AA, A, pewee)


(Optional). This process allows the machine packing dozens of eggs after previous process

Who is the solution for?

Small quota-exempt egg farmers who want to sell their product outside the limits of their farm, but for this they must comply with the Grading Process. This solution allows small egg farmers to install a low-cost Grading Station on their own farm.


Hardware supply

Machines for weighing, washing, candling and packing eggs, which can be acquired according to the needs of each farmer. The machines have mechanisms to transmit data through IoT – Internet of Things- technology.

Technical Support Service

Service of installation and configuration of machines on site (farm), installation and configuration of the GPRS network to collect and send the information to the cloud

Historical Information 

Farmers can check the current and historical information of the amount of eggs processed by the machines through a mobile application installed on their smartphone.

Remote support and maintance visits

Remote support that involves attention of platform incidents (hardware and software) and machine maintenance and calibration visits

Parts Replacement

Replacement of parts or machines in case of deterioration or malfunction.

No initial investment

It does not require a large initial investment, nor do they incur high implementation or training costs.

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